The Internet of Things continues to pick up momentum. Whether you heard about the trend when Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) purchased Nest earlier this year for $3.2 billion, or reports of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) building its own "smart home" software for release with the next version of iOS, the Internet of Things is making inroads into both consumers' homes and businesses. 

Yet, there is no great central platform for the Internet of Things. While PCs had Windows, and the Internet had a central powerful company like Google, the architecture behind the Internet of Things is fragmented. Companies building out large sensor networks in factors often rely on custom-built applications from companies like IBM, or telecoms like Verizon, for managing big Internet of Things installations. 

In the video below, Fool analysts Eric Bleeker and Max Macaluso discuss one company that has one of the wider used Internet of Things platforms: Jasper. The company has customers as diverse as Heineken, which uses the company's management platform to monitor the beer age in kegs, to connected cars and connected jet engines from General Electric. As the management platform for car companies managing millions of connected cars, Jasper sits in an intriguing position.

The two were able to visit the company in a recent trip to Silicon Valley, and discuss what makes Jasper a unique company for investors eyeing the Internet of Things space. 

To see their thoughts on the company, watch the video below.