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If you are one of the lucky recipients of the nearly 146,000 computer science and engineering undergraduate degrees, you can rest assured that you will have a much higher success rate in your job search than some of your peers – particularly those who graduated with less-desirable liberal arts diplomas

A four-year degree in computer science or engineering can open many occupational doors, most of which lead to very comfortable salary levels. If you haven't quite made up your mind as to which computer-related career path you prefer, here are some of the most lucrative – and plentiful – jobs being offered today, according to job aggregator and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Software Developer
At this writing, has an astounding number of these jobs available – 77, 504, to be precise. The BLS estimates that there will be an additional 222,600 software developer jobs added to the economy by 2022; however, if the current demand stays steady, that estimate seems extremely low. 

As for pay, BLS and Indeed agree that the job pays just about $93,000 annually, though the government notes that this was the median salary in 2012, whereas Indeed is showing this amount as the current average. The job aggregator also shows that advertised salaries for this job title run 61% higher than the national average for all postings. 

Web Developer
There are more than 67,000 web developer jobs being advertised at this moment, another occupation that is growing faster than BLS predicted it would two years ago. At that time, an associate's degree would net a median pay level of $62,500 per year. BLS noted, however, that more advanced jobs might require a bachelor's; since Indeed shows an average annual salary of $88,000, I assume that most jobs are leaning toward graduates with a four-year degree.

Software Engineers
There are more than 31,000 vacancies for software engineers, a position that offers an average salary of $99,000 annually. Though Indeed shows that the demand for these jobs seems to have flattened since the beginning of the year, the site tells me that there have been over 300 new postings added since I began perusing the site – a time span of around three hours. 

Information Security Analyst
Security breaches, hack attacks and corporate concerns over keeping their own information safe is making this position one of the fastest-growing in the computer field. Currently, Indeed shows nearly 21,000 postings for this title, the demand for which BLS estimates will grow by 37% within the next eight years. 

The two sites differ on pay for this position, with BLS showing a median $86,170 annual salary, while Indeed gives a current average of only $68,000 – although the latter is nothing to sneeze at. 

There are many other computer-related jobs from which to choose, of course, and good salaries are usually the norm. If you are looking to put your new skills and knowledge to work in a fast-growing field while making a truly sweet salary, any one of the above occupations will give you an excellent start.