Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Audi, and BMW are all working on self-driving cars, but a reader writes:

"What tech company is leading the way in developing the technology for self-driving cars?"

And what about companies beyond the car industry that might benefit, such as businesses that are supplying parts and services for self-driving cars?

In the following video, Motley Fool tech analyst Eric Bleeker answers these questions. He says that while Google is an early leader in creating self-driving technology, it's far from the only publicly traded company making a big bet on self-driving cars. He cites Delphi Automotive (NYSE:DLPH) and Autoliv (NYSE:ALV) as two companies that have made big bets on cameras, sensors, and other parts necessary to create self-driving cars. He also notes that a company like American Tower (NYSE:AMT) is a natural beneficiary of self-driving cars as carriers expand their networks and coverage areas to handle millions of connected cars.