On Monday's MarketFoolery, host Chris Hill brings back the popular "Undervalued" segment and asks Jason Moser, Motley Fool One analyst, and Taylor Muckerman, Stock Advisor Canada analyst, what stocks are undervalued on the market.

First up, Jason picks Whole Foods (NASDAQ:WFM). The organic grocery reported lackluster earnings and took a wallop with analysts because of it, but Jason sees avenues for Whole Foods in growing out its offerings, like the store band 365. Jason believes the company has been a victim of its own success and explains that it can be difficult for a company to continuously report numbers as high as Whole Foods has been in the past. Yet Jason sees future growth and market opportunity for Whole Foods. Chris then talks about management styles and growth in companies like Whole Foods and Buffalo Wild Wings (NASDAQ:BWLD).

Then, Taylor chooses offshore drillers, specifically Ensco (NYSE:VAL) and Noble Corp. (NYSE:NE), as an undervalued sector. These two names, Taylor adds, are young companies trading at or below book value and pay dividends. When Chris asks Taylor about possible risks in the sector, Taylor explains that the rig operators, like Ensco and Novel Corp., have less risk, but he concedes that risk is present although the sector's safety is a much higher priority.