We recently showed you how Kiip – founded three years ago by then-19-year-old Brian Wong – is changing the face of mobile advertising. Kiip rewards people when they've achieved certain milestones in games, fitness apps, or even mundane tasks like driving a car. The reward comes at a moment when the user is feeling exultant and, presumably, more likely to feel positively about some sort of branding.

But disruptive companies are always in danger of being disruptive themselves. In mobile and online advertising, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is the king of clicks.

Google is no doubt keeping an eye on Kiip and the rewards-based advertising space. What is Brian doing to keep Kiip ahead of the game? Motley Fool analyst Rex Moore asked him that question at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas.

A full transcript follows the video.

Rex Moore: Kiip seems like a disruptive company. As you think ahead now, so that you don't get disrupted, what's coming down the pike here?

Brian Wong: This is a three year old start-up. It's actually like 21 years in dog years, so we have to continue to innovate as well. Much like a lot of the big guys here -- but it's a different story, obviously.

When you look at what we're trying to do, we actually did an interview late last year with Forbes and it was told that we were integrating rewards into smart TVs and smart cars -- behind us, actually very aptly.

Of course we realize that moments aren't just exclusive on your phone. You can actually experience moments in any type of mobility. We think that the degree of your mobility is actually how connected you are, so as more of our devices are connected to the Internet, the more potential Kiip has to reward you for your moments.

Think, you hit your energy consumption goals in your electric car -- here's a reward. Let's say you watched a whole season of "Two and a Half Men," or whatever -- here's a reward. These are types of things that we realize are moments that can happen in not just your phone, but devices that are connected to the Internet.

Moore: Great. Brian, you can see the sun really setting behind us -- go out and enjoy yourself!

Wong: I will! Thank you very much, Rex. I appreciate it.

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