We know, we know. Apple's iPhone 6 is going to be absolutely huge.

It's only June, but the discussion of what's undoubtedly one of Apple investors' most significant growth opportunities has already been one of the most widely discussed technology storylines of 2014. And we're likely still months away from the iPhone 6's actual public debut.

However, looking past Apple's most high-profile storyline, there are still plenty of other reasons for investors to be bullish on Apple stock.

Looking past the iPhone 6 for Apple
Arguably the most important near-term growth driver on the table for Apple, aside from its stealth home-run quarter in the making, could be the possible repatriation tax holiday that's being batted around by key members in the US Senate as we speak.

Equally intriguing are the cadre of potential new products that Apple could also have in the works including an advanced Apple TV with some kind of content offering attached, a smartwatch, a mobile payments solution, and who knows what else. Each of these possible products would represent entirely new revenue and profit engines for Apple. In the video below, tech and telecom specialist Andrew Tonner discusses in greater detail why, although the iPhone 6 gets the lion's share of the hype for Apple these days, plenty of other possible catalysts exist that could also prove fruitful for Apple stock.