The Food and Drug Administration recently lifted a partial hold on Geron's (NASDAQ:GERN) imetelstat for a trial in myelofibrosis. The drug has shown great efficacy data so far, sending myelofibrosis patients into complete remission -- something Incyte's (NASDAQ:INCY) Jakafi, the only approved drug for myelofibrosis, can't do.

But the trial that was reinstated was just an investigator-sponsored trial. To release the clinical hold on company-run trials in essential thrombocythemia, polycythemia vera, and multiple myeloma, Geron has to present more preclinical data and analyze the clinical data to convince the FDA that imetelstat isn't causing permanent liver damage.

Watch the video below for more thoughts from senior biotech specialist Brian Orelli and health-care analyst David Williamson on Geron's prospects and whether Incyte has anything to worry about.