If you're feeling good about the market, you're not alone. Take my hand as we go over some of this week's more uplifting headlines.

1. It's a cream come true
Shares of Keurig Green Mountain (UNKNOWN:GMCR.DL) hit an all-time high this week. A big catalyst in the move was another partnership with a global juggernaut. Keurig Green Mountain is teaming up with Europe's Nestle to put out Coffee-mate K-Cups. This will be the first Keurig portion pack to combine coffee and creamer in the same K-Cup. 

If the quality holds up, this could be a big winner for Keurig Green Mountain's growing installed base. The new Coffee-mate K-Cups will be available directly through Keurig online in the fall and through traditional retailers by early next year. 

2. It's a small world after all, Netflix
Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) got a boost when Goldman Sachs analyst Heath Terry upgraded the shares to a buy rating, slapping an ambitious price target of $560 on the leading premium video service. It's a pretty big deal since Goldman Sachs had been neutral on Netflix though the monstrous rally that made it last year's biggest gainer in the S&P 500. 

Terry's bullish turn relies mostly on Netflix's potential overseas where he sees its subscriber base expanding sharply from the 11.7 million international customers it currently has on its rolls. The move was enough to push Netflix to a new all-time high.

3. One button is bigger than 140 characters
Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is starting to test a "Buy Now" button. Tech watcher Recode spotted the graphical addition to some test tweets, opening the door to what could be a major opportunity for Twitter. 

The social media darling's stock has been slumping since peaking at nearly $75 back in December. Investors are concerned about slowing growth and the challenges of monetization. Making companies pay for "Buy Now" badges that link directly to products for sale won't help with the site's popularity, but it will be an easy way to expand beyond its Promoted Tweet offering.

4. Big G sings a new Songza
After weeks of speculation, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is snapping up streaming music specialist Songza. It may not seem to be a material deal given the size of the world's leading search engine. Reports suggest that Google is paying less than $40 million for the app that has roughly 5.5 million users across mobile devices.

However, Google is acquiring more than just the user base of streaming music buffs. The platform has been one of the more popular streaming apps for a couple of years, helping beef up Google's arsenal as tech giants try to crash the digital music market.   

5. Kroger goes shopping
Another smart acquisition this week is Kroger's (NYSE:KR) deal for Vitacost.com. The $280 million purchase of the online retailer of vitamins and beauty products may have been a 27% premium to where Vitacost was trading, but Kroger should be able to grow the Internet retailer's reach and achieve cost savings in sourcing. 

Yes, Vitacost is losing money at the moment --  but Kroger's synergies should put an end to that fairly quickly, making the purchase of a $280 million for a company that analysts see topping $500 million in sales next year a shrewd buy for the supermarket chain