Boeing 777X Model. Source: Company Media Relations.

Over the last two days at the Farnborough International Airshow in the United Kingdom, Boeing (NYSE:BA) has announced six new major orders as well as two defense partnerships, and today it also provided more details surrounding its 777X model, its newest long-haul twin-aisle airplane, which is set to begin production in 2017 with the first delivery targeted for 2020.

In an effort to provide flexibility to airlines and comfort to passengers Boeing used innovations from its 787 Dreamliner and the 777 model to continue to expand the improvement in the 777X models.

Boeing highlighted that some of the notable features would include:

  • Comparable cabin altitude (6,000 feet) to the 787 Dreamliner. Cabin altitude refers to air pressure inside the plane and equates to an altitude above sea level.
  • 15% larger windows relative to the competition, resulting in broader ambient light, and they will be higher on the fuselage, putting them at eye level for a larger portion of passengers.
  • New interior design which gives airlines the ability to customize cabin architecture including for things like overhead ceiling bin configurations.
  • A 16-inch wider cabin compared to the competition, providing the ability to airlines to have economy seats up to 18 inches.
  • Boeing also noted the 777X model will provide higher cabin humidity, upgraded filtration and lighting, and reduced cabin noise.

777X Interior. Source: Company Media Relations.

"With key development ahead, the 777X will incorporate state-of-the art interior design and technologies," noted the director of 777X Interiors, Dennis Eng, in the announcement. "The 777X will redefine the total passenger experience. All of the interior features we are exploring and designing into the new airplane are working together as a package to create an exciting new passenger experience."

Boeing first launched the 777X program in November of last year at the Dubai Airshow. At the time it said, "the 777-8X competes directly with [Airbus'] A350-1000, while the 777-9X is in a class by itself."

In November, Boeing also revealed 259 plane orders for the 777X models had been placed; its announcement today noted 300 total orders have been logged. Emirates Airlines earlier this month finalized an order for 150 777Xs. The list price for the 777-8X model, seating 350 passengers, stands at $350 million, and the 777-9X, with 400 seats, has a price of $377 million.

"We are proud to partner with each of these esteemed airlines to launch the 777X – the largest and most-efficient twin-engine jetliner in the world," said the President and Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Ray Conner, last November. "Its ground-breaking engine technologies and all-new composite wing will deliver unsurpassed value and growth potential to our customers."