Shares of search giant Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) have cooled their jets in recent months after their 2012-13 run-up, as concerns that the explosion of mobile ads Google's experienced of late will continue to dampen its profits in the years to come.


GOOGL data by YCharts; chart and video data differ because of GOOG price changes.

To be fair, this issue isn't unique unto Google. We've seen the same dynamic largely play out with Google's Chinese equivalent, Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU), which has been an occasional drag on Baidu's shares as well. And with Google set to report earnings Thursday after the bell, investors everywhere will have yet another opportunity to see just how badly mobile has weighed on Google's financial performance of late.

Google earnings: What investors should expect
Analysts are calling for a bit of a reversal of fortunes for Google in its upcoming report, a real surprise, since Google's revenue growth has handily outpaced its profit growth in the past several years, as the trend underpinning Google's profit margin issues has proved harder to shake than many realized.

Still, both Google and Baidu enjoy some of the most enviable economics in all of technology, even as they acclimate to their mobile futures. In the following video, tech and telecom specialist Andrew Tonner discusses Google's upcoming earnings in greater detail and makes his case for investors to stick with the likes of Google and Baidu as fantastic long-term growth opportunities for the decade ahead.

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