3 Ways Consumers Have Gained Power Over Utilities

Utilities are facing a new challenge from consumers, who today can be energy producers and even push power back to the grid.

Travis Hoium
Travis Hoium
Jul 18, 2014 at 9:30AM
Energy, Materials, and Utilities

The power landscape is rapidly changing and the monopoly once held by the utility industry is starting to become tenuous. In states like California, Arizona, and Hawaii, solar energy from your own rooftop is now cheaper than buying power from the grid and homeowners have become a notable player in the industry. 

Today, consumers can not only create their own energy and use it, they can also store it for later use, as well as sell it to the utility for competitive prices. 

In the video below, solar specialist Travis Hoium covers how consumers are a huge threat and the opportunity facing traditional utilities and why SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR), SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY.DL), and NRG Energy (NYSE:NRG) are leading the way.