Internet retailer Zulily Inc. (UNKNOWN:ZU.DL) might be a new name to many, but it's a company that investors should take note of.

The Seattle-based Internet retailer -- hailing from the some hometown as (NASDAQ:AMZN)-- has found explosive growth recently.  The company's stock price surged after its IPO in November, and revenue has increased nearly 400% in just the past two fiscal years.  

Amazon built an empire out of selling everything to everyone, but Zulily is taking a different approach. The company is laser-focused on a very specific demographic: new moms. By offering a new business model of 'experiential shopping," Zulily has benefited from repeat customer purchases and turned out some excellent retail economics.

In the following video, Rule Breakers analyst Simon Erickson and consumer-goods analyst Sean O'Reilly give an overview of the company and discuss two key metrics to consider when thinking about Zulily as an investment.