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Simon Erickson

Simon Erickson


I am a believer in the power of disruptive innovation, and that individual investors can significantly outperform the market over long periods of time. I am the lead advisor of our Motley Fool Explorer service, where we look for future-focused companies well-poised to capitalize on developing long-term trends.

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My Top Growth Stock for 2020

After seven years of New Year's recommendations, my average pick is up 112%. See which growth-style investment I'm tapping next.


How Encryption Is Solving Cloud Computing's Greatest Challenge

Keeping our information safe in the cloud is a huge challenge for cybersecurity vendors. End-to-end encryption can do that in a way that still leaves the data usable.


MongoDB Doubles Down on Sales

The cloud database provider outlines a new strategy for acquiring customers.


iQiyi's Content Strategy Faces Regulatory Headwinds

China's video streaming leader just crossed 100 million paying subscribers, but there are a few important details for investors to know.


2U's Critical Shift and the 60% Drop It Caused

Education producer 2U’s entire business model has to change, and the market doesn’t like it.


Guardant Health's Adoption Is Skyrocketing

The company's liquid blood tests are catching on quickly as a way to diagnose advanced-stage cancer. Revenue grew 178% in the second quarter, but its plans for the future are even bigger.

How Blockchains Are Disrupting the Payments Industry (In a Good Way)

Businesses have been paying the tolls of Visa and Mastercard's credit-card networks for decades. But Paystand CEO Jeremy Almond is building a much more innovative payment infrastructure.


MongoDB Continues to Win With Atlas

The cloud-based database specialist is disrupting its industry.


iQiyi to Create Original Content to Woo New Subscribers

China's digital streaming leader is aggressively raising money to create its own original movies.


The Midwest's Most Successful Software Entrepreneur Sets His Sights on Healthcare

Techies know him as a pioneer of AI; investors know him as head of a multibillion-dollar company. We could soon know Don Brown as the person who redefined healthcare.

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How to Manage Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation has toppled several of the market's largest companies. But IBM's John Cohn explains how leaders can balance incremental and longer-term innovation to keep from becoming disrupted.


What Does the Future Hold for Artificial Intelligence?

An IBM fellow with 116 patents shares his future view of computing for artificial intelligence.


3 Key Takeaways From BeiGene's CEO

China's biotech industry is growing quickly, and the innovative BeiGene could be an opportunity in the space.


What's Your DNA Worth? LunaDNA Will Help You Find Out

Healthcare, blockchain, data privacy, and community all converge in an innovative new company that should be on your radar. See what LunaDNA's cofounder says about the future of consumer genomics.


Chinese Biotech Is the Future

Nervous about investing in Chinese biotech? See if this interview doesn’t change your mind.


MongoDB Is Officially Disrupting Databases

The balance of power in the database market is shifting quickly. Mongo's database-as-a-service offering is now growing revenue at more than 400% per year.


Is Artificial Intelligence Stifling Innovation?

Is AI a game-changer for industries everywhere, or just a "seductive tool" distracting companies from achieving their greatest potential? We spoke with the CEO of one of the world's most innovative companies to find out.


Teladoc's Rising Fees and Visits Are Driving Profitability

A fourth-quarter checkup finds growing patient visits, rising fees from insurers, and increasing utilization. The telemedicine specialist looks to be in good health, and is improving still.


iQiyi's Rising Content Costs Cut Into Profitability

iQiyi reported another quarter of strong growth in both membership and advertising. But it's also spending quite heavily on original programming.

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A Conversational AI Leader Is Going Public

Artificial Solutions is using artificial intelligence to help enterprises respond to customer needs -- and the company will soon be publicly traded.

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