Hurricanes are no doubt a destructive force, but subsequent flooding poses a bigger threat to the nation's population -- for several reasons. As the 2014 hurricane season opens, now's the time to assess the dangers -- both physical and financial -- of flooding, and how you can protect yourself.

Though most homeowners aren't aware, typical home insurance policies don't cover damage from flooding. One of the reasons that flooding tops the threat list, over physical damage from hurricanes or tropical storms, is its ability to spread further than a storm's footprint.

While a storm surge (water pushed inland by strong winds) has a huge, direct impact on coastal areas, the same surge can effect areas much further inland.

Due to rising sea levels, water levels are already elevated, allowing flooding to spread further than in past years.

In the slideshow below, we'll explore the depth of damage caused by flooding, resources available to you, and why adequate flood insurance is key to financial health for homeowners.

Hurricane Season's Biggest Threat Is Not the Storm Itself from The Motley Fool