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Jessica Alling

Jessica Alling


Contributing writer for covering the financial sector with an emphasis on the insurance industry.

Recent articles

How This Billionaire Heiress' Scandal Is a Lesson to Us All

No one wants to think about the day that they're no longer in control of their finances, but being prepared for the worst is key to a successful retirement strategy.

Wells Fargo is Losing Speed in Auto Lending

With new incentives, plus the resurgence of an old financing option, banks have some headwinds to face if they want to keep a hold on their auto-loan borrowers.

3 Reasons MetLife Is Wasting Its Time Fighting the FSOC

As the insurer enters the third phase of the FSOC's review for Systemically Important Financial Institutions, its CEO is on the warpath to avoid the designation. But the company's wasting its time.

Hurricane Season: Beware of This $50 Billion Threat

There's no denying that the incredible wind speeds and downpours from hurricanes and other tropical storms can cause serious damage, but there's another threat during the year's storm season that poses a bigger risk.

Are You Paying Too Much for Long-Term Care?

Long-term care needs can be a tricky subject for most headed toward retirement, but there are a few ways to make sure you're paying the right amount for your benefits.

3 Lessons From Billionaire Candy Tycoons

The family behind the success of Mars Inc. is notoriously tight-lipped, but investors can still learn from their empire of chocolate.

Visa Isn't Exploiting Its Biggest Advantage -- and Time's Running Out

As a payment processor, Visa reigns supreme -- but it's not charging the king's ransom it could demand, which could prove foolish in the future.

Does Your Portfolio Need a Woman's Touch?

A new emphasis on companies that embrace gender diversity within management may be a key to success for targeting long-term winners.

Starbucks Plays the Fool Once Again

With a new college-tuition plan for its employees, the coffee juggernaut proves its Foolish mettle yet again.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Have Friends in High Places, But Can They Keep Your Shares Afloat?

The first six months of 2014 haven't been easy to watch for most investors in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But will it continue?

3 Important Things the Consumer Credit Report Can Tell You

This often overlooked report is an important indicator of things to come.

2 Must Haves on Target's CEO Wish-List

With former CEO Gregg Steinhafel firmly in the rearview, the retailer has an opportunity to scour the market for the perfect replacement.

AIG and Prudential Investors Should Welcome This Man

With months of fighting over new capital rules under their belt, the insurance industry's biggest firms may have a new ally within the walls of their chief regulator.

Did American International Group Make a Huge Mistake By Ignoring Its Dividend?

With $2 billion in proceeds from its sale of ILFC, the mega-insurer expanded its share buyback authorization -- was it the wrong move?

1 Reason to Be Happy About Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's Big About-Face -- Whether You're a Shareholder or Not

With a new push for increasing credit availability, the Federal Housing Finance Agency may have presented the nation's banks with a new opportunity to boost mortgage lending.

Which of These 3 Have the Best Chance to Fill the Upcoming Void at American International Group?

Current rock-star CEO Robert Benmosche is slated to exit stage left in early 2015. After a handful of stellar years, his shoes will be hard to fill -- but these guys could do it.

The Biggest Retirement Blind Spot

No retirement plan is complete without this key consideration.

3 Simple Steps for Long-Term Care Planning

Planning for the cost of long-term care shouldn't be unnecessarily difficult. Here are three steps to help you get started.

The Unexpected Costs of Long-Term Care

The quality long-term care you need may come at the expense of others if you don't plan ahead.

Don't Let Analysts Steer You Wrong on American International Group Inc

Headlines say one thing, the numbers say another.