On Tuesday's Market Foolery, host Chris Hill, Motley Fool Rule Breakers analyst, Simon Erickson, and Fool.com analyst, Mark Reeth, crack into Coca-Cola's (NYSE:KO) profits and look for silver-linings. 

Chris notes that Coca-Cola's second quarter profit of $2.6 billion is down 3% from a year ago, while global unit case volume rose 3%, which offset flat North American sales. Yet, he notes that this is the second decade of declining soda sales. Mark doesn't see that shift turning around anytime soon. Non-carbonated products are up and Mark sees this as part of a larger shift toward healthier choices made by consumers.

Coke Life will be coming out soon, which might be a game-changer, yet Mark thinks that green and white packaging and a sugar-substitute will not make a difference. Chris asks about silver-linings for Coca-Cola and wonders if the company can turn this around. Simon thinks that Coca-Cola is hedging their bets in at-home brewing of beverages and doesn't think that the soda-giant is sitting on the sidelines.