By taking a few boring but crucial steps, you could be on the path to financial independence. Image source: Graham, via Flickr.

The investment world is chock-full of ideas on the next hot stock and the best way to make $1 million overnight. The better part of our consciousness knows that this is silly -- simply too good to be true. But what's the alternative? What type of steps can we take to gain financial independence? The ability to work on what we want, when -- and only when -- we want to?

Nassim Taleb's best-seller Antifragile offers up some counterintuitive ideas on how just about any person with a steady job can become financially indestructible -- with the ability to simultaneously limit one's downside while adventurously pursuing lucrative goals.

There are five necessary steps you need to take to reach this level of financial "antifragility." Check out the slideshow below to see what they are.