Image source: Netflix.

It's no secret that Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) hit its second-quarter report out of the park. The digital-video pioneer met Wall Street's revenue projections while beating analysts' earnings estimates. Subscriber growth came in well above Netflix management's own guidance, and shares leapt 18% higher the next day.

International expansion continues apace, margins will remain lumpy for the next few quarters, but should then jump higher when the overseas rollout is complete, and CEO Reed Hastings looks silly in a BoJack Horseman sweater. So far, so obvious -- none of these facts escaped analysts, investors, and the media circus this week.

But there's more to the Netflix story. Here are three important charts pulled from the second-quarter report that you haven't seen anywhere else. I'll even explain what they mean.

(Hint: You're about to see Netflix moving overseas in glorious full color.)

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