What: Shares of Caesars Entertainment Corp (NASDAQ:CZR) jumped as much as 18% today on more speculation that it would reach a deal with creditors.

So what: The latest news is that bankruptcy settlement talks that broke down on Sunday were back on and both junior and senior creditors were at least listening to offers from Caesars Entertainment. There has been a back and forth for months over a potential restructuring of the company but multiple lawsuits from creditors could derail any settlement before it gets very far. So, one day the stock will go up and the next will go down depending on how talks are going.  

Now what: I still think it's unlikely that a settlement is reached because Caesars is asking junior creditors to take too big a loss in all of their offers. Some creditors are even bringing up conflicts between creditors who are agreeing to terms, who also own stock in Caesars, led by John Paulson.

The only feasible solution seems to be to take the full company bankrupt and restructure all of its assets into a new organization with less debt. With that as the backdrop I don't think this is a stock for any investor to be speculating on today.