What: Shares of Coeur Mining Inc (NYSE:CDE) jumped 13% on Friday as the company finally got some reprieve from the recent pressure on commodities.

So what: Gold prices gained an impressive 2% today to end at $1,136.50 per ounce, a small gain in a tough year for the precious metal. But the big move was in silver, which jumped 5.2%, to $15.26 per ounce. 

Coeur Mining will get a boost from gold prices with an estimated 294,000 to 323,000 ounces of production expected this year, but the silver move is really big news. The company will produce between 14.8 million and 16.0 million ounces this year, which is actually a cutback from 32.3 million ounces last year. A sustained move higher could turn around the losses the company has experienced during the the last three quarters.

Now what: The ups and downs of commodities get magnified by miners, who have leveraged returns to the price of the commodities they supply. Coeur has experienced the downside of that recently, but today was a nice turnaround in commodities, in general. I wouldn't buy on a single day's move, but it's an incremental positive for Coeur Mining, and investors could see a further recovery if commodities continue to move higher.