Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) revenue continues to amaze shareholders and grow at a rapid pace. In this video segment, our analysts share a couple of fun and interesting facts that around this growth that most shareholders might not have considered. Some of the numbers were astounding, especially when you compare them with other companies.

Also, tune in to learn about two Apple acquisitions that investors should keep on their radar going forward.

Listen to the full podcast by clicking here. A full transcript follows the video.


Sean O'Reilly: What stood out? What was interesting in this report?

Dylan Lewis: I think one of the coolest stats I saw was Apple's revenue growth in dollars, $51 billion per year, was more than the full-year revenue of almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

O'Reilly: Woo!

Lewis: The incremental revenue that they got -- more than most huge companies.

O'Reilly: There's 193 countries on planet Earth, give or take. I'm curious how many people's GDPs that beats.

Lewis: Yeah. We talked about that ...

O'Reilly: That's several dozen at least. One of the other things I noticed: Apple's not very acquisitive in terms of giant companies. They made 15 smaller acquisitions. It's just software stuff, right?

Lewis: Yeah. They like to buy up small people and just ...

O'Reilly: With IP that they want?

Lewis: Yeah, and just integrate into products. They noted in the conference call that the company completed 125 acquisitions in 2015. Two to watch are Metaio, which is an augmented reality solutions provider.

O'Reilly: Hold on. They're going to "augment" my reality?

Lewis: I don't know about your reality. I think all of our realities. Don't be so selfish. They're dipping their foot in VR a little bit. I've seen some stuff that they've done recently where it's tied to a U2 experience -- why wouldn't it be -- Apple loves U2. They're doing this thing called The Experience Bus, which is an immersive VR U2 concert experience. It's one of those cool novelty things that they're doing right now.

I don't know what the more full-fledged version of Apple's VR attempt looks like, but that's what we've seen so far. You can expect to hear a little bit more about some of the fruits from that Metaio acquisition down the road. Another one to highlight what they're doing is Mapsense, which is visual data analytics and mapping out.

That's probably just strengthening their Apple Maps offering. That's where a lot of these acquisitions have laid, strengthening products that they're already offering, or dipping their toe in new markets.

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