Owners of JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) stock can pat themselves on the back. The nation's biggest bank by assets has outperformed all but a few of its closest competitors over the past decade, with its CEO Jamie Dimon generating the highest total shareholder return among any big bank CEO today.

What investors have availed themselves of this performance? The answer can be found in the slideshow below, which reveals the five biggest owners of JPMorgan Chase stock. The list spans an array of the most sophisticated money managers in the world. The venerable New York-based asset manager BlackRock (NYSE:BLK) made the cut, along with Boston-based State Street (NYSE:STT):

  • BlackRock owns 109 million shares, worth $7.4 billion;
  • State Street owns 156 million shares, worth $10.6 billion.

To see the three other companies that fill out the five biggest owners of JPMorgan Chase stock, simply scroll through the brief slideshow below -- a table with raw data follows it.


JPMorgan Chase's Biggest Investors

Number of Shares Owned

Value of Stake

Ownership Interest in JPMorgan Chase


211.4 million

$14.3 billion


State Street

156.3 million

$10.6 billion



125.6 million

$8.5 billion



109.1 million

$7.4 billion


Capital Research & Management Co.

104.7 million

$7.1 billion


Data sources: Morningstar, Yahoo! Finance, author's calculations.

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