One thing that differentiates Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) from its competitors on Wall Street is the ownership of its shares -- specifically, the size of its biggest shareholder, Mitsubishi UFJ (NYSE:MTU). As the brief slideshow below illustrates, Mitsubishi UFJ owns just under 22% of Morgan Stanley, making it the most concentrated owner of any big-10 bank in America.

T. Rowe Price (NASDAQ:TROW) also counts itself among Morgan Stanley's biggest shareholders, ranking third with an ownership interest equivalent to 5.3% of the fabled investment bank's stock. To be clear, T. Rowe Price owns its stake in Morgan Stanley for different reasons than Mitsubishi UFJ. The latter holds it as an investment of its own capital, while the former is likely investing on behalf of clients, via mutual or exchange-traded funds.

To learn the three other companies that account for a combined 41% of Morgan Stanley's outstanding common stock, simply scroll through the slideshow below -- a table with raw data follows.

Morgan Stanley's Biggest Investors

Number of Shares Owned

Value of Stake

Ownership Interest in Morgan Stanley

Mitsubishi UFJ

432.0 million

$15.3 billion


State Street

139.8 million

$4.9 billion


T. Rowe Price

105.1 million

$3.7 billion



79.5 million

$2.8 billion



45.1 million

$1.6 billion


Data source: Morningstar, Yahoo! Finance, author's calculations.

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