As we enter 2016, two outstanding consumer-focused businesses are currently being offered at substantial discounts to where their stocks traded only months ago. Read on to see why these bargains may prove to be too good to pass up.

Image Source: Disney.

The entertainment titan
After reaching an all-time high of $122 in August, shares of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) have fallen nearly 20%. Investors appear to be frightened by the potential negative effects of cord-cutting on Disney's broadcast and cable properties, particularly crown-jewel ESPN. But while the sports entertainment titan may see its revenue and profits crimped by cable subscription cancellations in the years ahead, Disney's other business segments are well positioned to more than offset the blow.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a blockbuster hit by all accounts, and the franchise is scheduled to deliver a slate of sure-to-be popular Star Wars films in the coming years. In addition, Disney's theme parks are enjoying record attendance, even as the company raises prices. Soon to add even more excitement -- and profits -- will be the grand opening of Shanghai Disney, which is expected to quickly become the most-trafficked theme park in the world.

With Disney's vast collection of timeless brands, irreplaceable theme-park assets, and cash-spewing global marketing and distribution system, the company gives investors many ways to win. With fearful traders offering Disney's stock at a sizable discount to the price it was fetching just this past summer, more long-term minded investors may wish to consider adding some shares of this entertainment powerhouse to their portfolios.

Image Source: Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The hard-hit restaurant chain poised for a comeback
Chipotle Mexican Grill's (NYSE:CMG) stock price has been crushed in the past few months -- from a high of over $750 per share in October to about $425 recently. Investors are terrified about the potential fallout from the recent E. coli scare, which has spread to restaurants in multiple states across the country. But where there's fear, there's often opportunity.

It's true that the quarters ahead may be miserable: Investors should expect comparable-store sales to suffer greatly from the E. coli situation. So it's entirely possible that more downside still lies ahead for Chipotle's shares. Yet with the 40% haircut the stock has already taken, a significant portion of the negative effects of the E. coli scare appear to be priced into Chipotle's shares.

That's because, years from now, it's unlikely that Chipotle's business will be affected as greatly by this incident as investors currently appear to be expecting. Chipotle's management team has been forthright in the company's involvement, and is working diligently to correct the problem and prevent it from recurring. In addition, Chipotle is renowned for its sourcing and preparation of high-quality ingredients, and has built a high level of trust among its patrons. While that trust has certainly taken a hit due to the E. coli situation, if there's one company that customers will remain loyal to, it's Chipotle.

As such, long-term investors currently have the opportunity to use Wall Street's shortsighted nature to their advantage by building a position in an excellent business at a sharply discounted price.