Concerns about police brutality are constantly rising in America, and changes are being made. As police are increasingly required to wear body cameras, and citizens and government become less comfortable with guns in some situations, TASER International (NASDAQ:AXON) is uniquely set up to facilitate the changes that may be coming for law enforcement and beyond.

In this clip, Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner and industrials analyst Sean O'Reilly talk about what makes Tasers such a great alternative to firearms, and what sets the company apart in its industry.

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This podcast was recorded on Jan. 19, 2016.

David Gardner: So, I bet you've covered more in firearms and with TASER than I'm going to say right now. But I do want to say that I like this company a lot, because the megatrend, clearly, of transparency in our law enforcement is an unstoppable force at this point. And TASER does stand to be a beneficiary. It's not the only company that's selling body cameras to the police. But it is, I think, an excellent weapon, and I really do feel that way. I really do believe that Tasers are superior to guns, because they don't kill.

Sean O'Reilly: They're non-lethal.

Gardner: They're non-lethal. There are some very edge cases where people have died being tased. But there are so many people who are dying every day from gunshots that I'm very persuaded it's a better answer for our country, and globally. It's a better weapon for law enforcement. And then, you unite that with body cameras, and that's a really awesome one-two punch.

TASER has been up and down as a stock. We had it in Rule Breakers back in the day. It wasn't a good stock. We sold at a loss back then. We've recently brought it back because of the whole law-enforcement transparency thing. I like the company. And here's one thing I like about TASER: I can't easily name the second-place competitor.

O'Reilly: Yeah, I got nothing.

Gardner: Whenever I know Coca-Cola, but I can't see Pepsi ... if Taser's Coca-Cola, who's Pepsi? And I love it when there's no answer to that question. That's how I feel about Amazon. There's no clear competition. You could say Wal-Mart, maybe, not really. There used to be, which was a cheaper Amazon back in the day.

O'Reilly: Who? [laughs]

Gardner: But that's really it. There's no company like that. Or even for Netflix. I would say, there's no clear company. In some ways, HBO. But not really. In some ways, Amazon Video. But not really. So I feel that way about TASER.

O'Reilly: Awesome!

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