Expectations were low when Potash Corporation (NYSE:POT) released its fourth-quarter and full-year earnings report, but the market didn't expect its numbers and outlook to be as abysmal as they turned out to be. A larger exposure to potash -- the demand and prices for which has spiraled lower in recent quarters -- compared to peers like Mosaic (NYSE:MOS) hit POT hard. So while Mosaic's total sales dipped only about 2% in 2015 thanks to a more resilient phosphates business, Potash suffered a 12% drop in sales during the year. As a result, Mosaic ended 2015 with flat net income while PotashCorp's net profits slumped 17%.

Unfortunately, those aren't the scariest figures that PotashCorp revealed in its earnings report. The company's outlook is even worse; and when you combine it with a dividend cut, you know there's trouble ahead. Get prepared to be shocked, as the slideshow below highlights five awful numbers from PotashCorp's report that you cannot ignore. Take a look.


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