A bumpy ride ahead for PotashCorp? Image source: PotashCorp's Fact Sheet. 

As a Potash Corporation (NYSE:POT) investor, you probably know what a bad year 2015 proved to be for the fertilizer giant, with its sales and net income slumping double digits. In fact, PotashCorp was among the worst performers in the industry as it bore the brunt of a slide in demand and prices of potash. Rivals like Mosaic (NYSE:MOS) weren't hurt much, thanks to its primary focus on the relatively resilient nutrient, phosphate.

Chances are, 2016 will be another bitter year for PotashCorp as it projects its earnings per share to drop a staggering 31%, the mid-point of its guidance range of $0.9-$1.2. But you may be surprised to know that both Mosaic and PotashCorp anticipate a strong spring planting season in North America, and foresee 2016 global potash shipments to be in line, if not higher, with 2015 levels.

So if it isn't actually potash, which nutrient is ailing PotashCorp? If it isn't North America, which market is denting its growth? What is the company doing to tackle the headwinds, and can its targeted cost savings boost profitability in the near future? The answers to these crucial questions were hidden in PotashCorp's recent earnings call. If you missed it, fret not and go through the slideshow below to find out the surprising answers now.

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