Image source: Google.

What happened?
Following 10 months of being invite-only, Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG)(NASDAQ:GOOGL) is opening up its Project Fi service to all consumers in the U.S., according to the official Android blog. Meanwhile, the company said it wanted to share 7 important insights that it's learned since Project Fi's inception:

  1. Project Fi users travel a lot
  2. Quality public Wi-Fi is abundant
  3. Users like details about their data usage
  4. Users appreciate SIM-only plans for other connected devices
  5. Users appreciate 24/7 live support
  6. Fi customers are creative
  7. Lots of people want to join Project Fi

Does it matter?
While Project Fi is ditching its invite-only system, there is still an important limitation of Project Fi that threatens adoption: Project Fi is still limited to Nexus devices. At least when it comes to handsets. Project Fi's SIM-only plans work on a wider range of devices, including iPads.

Considering the fact that the vast majority of tablets lack cellular connectivity and Nexus devices similarly comprise a small portion of the overall handset market, Project Fi's impact on the market will still be limited. Google is offering a limited-time promotion for the Nexus 5X, bringing the price down to $199 (from the normal $349) as an effort to bolster Fi's appeal.

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