Mosaic is among the world's fertilizer producers. Image source: Company website.

Less than a week since Mosaic Company (NYSE: MOS) released its first-quarter earnings report, and the stock has already lost almost 9% as of this writing. Investors are clearly wary about the company's growth prospects, especially after fertilizer manufacturing peer Potash Corporation (NYSE: POT) painted a pretty dismal picture of end markets when it lowered its already muted 2016 guidance a couple of weeks ago.

While you may already know that Mosaic's Q1 revenue and net income dropped 13% and 19% year over year, respectively, there were far more important numbers in the fertilizer maker's earnings report that the headlines didn't tell you about. For instance, do you know where Mosaic's margins and cash flows are headed, or which markets are giving it a tough time? The slideshow below gives you three important takeaways from Mosaic's Q1 earnings that you must know.

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