David Gardner: Let's close with our game "Buy, Sell, or Hold." You have played it before. I won't be asking about stocks. I will be asking about things happening in the business world and ask you if they were stocks, would you be buying, selling, or holding and a sentence as to why? Are you ready?

Peter Cuneo: Uh-huh.

David Gardner: OK, let's kick it off with Pixar's (NASDAQ:PIXR) prospects without Disney (NYSE:DIS)? If that were to come about, buy, sell, or hold?

Peter Cuneo: Buy.

David Gardner: Why?

Peter Cuneo: Tremendous company. Unsurpassed record in animated entertainment. They haven't had a miss yet. They obviously know what they are doing. Creating great content always gives you power. That is the same game that Marvel (NYSE:MVL) is in. We create content. We don't necessarily produce content or distribute it. Those are big, capital-intensive operations, but if you can create quality content, content is the gas that drives the distribution engine. If you own a network, you need content on there to raise advertising, OK? The network is the engine. Quality content. Friends, if you will, OK, is the gas. Marvel is in the gas business, the high octane gas business. So is Pixar. They do a great job.

David Gardner: Buy, sell, or hold the likelihood that a new Batman movie this summer will eclipse the best old Batman movie at the box office?

Peter Cuneo: I would say hold. I have no idea.

David Gardner: Next one for you: the future of satellite radio. If it were a stock, buy, sell, or hold?

Peter Cuneo: Hold. Satellite radio is an interesting new media form. There is a lot of excitement right now. However, there is also a lot of debt associated with a number of those enterprises, and I am not sure where that will be in the future.

David Gardner: We talked about turnaround specialists. Buy, sell, or hold the historical legacy of Chainsaw Al Dunlap?

Peter Cuneo: That is definitely a sell.

David Gardner: Want to add anything?

Peter Cuneo: No, you can; this is well-documented, and this is one where I think the picture is pretty clear.

David Gardner: Compare/contrast Peter Cuneo's approach to turning things around with Chainsaw Al Dunlap.

Peter Cuneo: (Laughing.) You will have to talk to people that know us both. I would say hold.

David Gardner: Buy, sell, or hold the likelihood that Marvel will license characters for animated films?

Peter Cuneo: I would say buy. I don't know when that will be, but there is certainly the possibility. We are making animated television shows now and there are certain of our characters that are arguable better suited to animation than they are to live action, so that is a possibility in the future.

David Gardner: Certainly. Last one for you, Peter. Buy, sell, or hold the likelihood that we will see a film based on the Marvel character Namor the Submariner?

Peter Cuneo: That is a definite buy. That film with Universal is well into development. We call it "Star Wars Underwater." Namor was first created in 1939 by Marvel. It is one of our older characters, oldest characters. It is a great story, and we are very excited about Namor.

David Gardner: Peter Cuneo is the vice chairman of Marvel and the former CEO. Peter, thanks for joining us again on The Motley Fool Radio Show.

Peter Cuneo: Thank you.

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