OK, I'll admit it: When it comes to information about Apple Computer (NASDAQ:AAPL) generally and the iPod in particular, I'm a bit of a rumor junkie. If it's reported in Motley Fool Rule BreakerCNET Networks' (NASDAQ:CNET) Daily Buzz, or even in more mainstream media outlets like TheNew York Times' "Circuits" column, I want to know all about it -- and then some.

So with a tip of the hat to Buzz, here's the rumored scoop: A video iPod ain't on the horizon. Instead, according to the typically reliable Think Secret website, next week Apple will release a new line of its signature digital music device with up to 80 gigabytes of expanded storage space. If I'm doing the holiday math right, that will make the iPod capacious enough to see most of us through the upcoming family get-together season with nary a repeat in earshot.

Handy, no?

And while I, too, covet a svelte and stylin' device to let me watch the fourth season of Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) unit HBO's Six Feet Under, which I missed on TV, or listen to audio tracks from Sony (NYSE:SNE) recording artist Fiona Apple's much-ballyhooed new CD, I'm willing to wait.

I'm not convinced, for starters, that an iPod-sized video player is even a viable consumer toy -- at least not until bionic eyes with microscopic vision are also commonplace. And even if you are among the Game Boy set, how patient are you likely to be when waiting for a four-minute music video to download -- not to mention a two-hour feature-length movie?

I thought so. Apparently, Steve Jobs does, too. We won't know until next week's official Apple "event" on Oct. 12, of course, but odds are you won't be watching The Simpsons on your iPod anytime soon.

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