If you're not a subscriber to our Motley Fool Rule Breakers newsletter service, you may not even realize that today is the third Wednesday of the month. It's the day when the latest issue of the monthly newsletter becomes available and two brand-new stock picks are revealed.

However, today's issue will be a little bit different. In last month's newsletter, David Gardner announced that the next two picks would come from a specific sector, renewable energy. More intriguingly, he asked the subscriber community to nominate their favorite picks in this booming space. He would limit his choices to the stocks that were brought up on the message board. Information flows both ways in an ideal world, and apparently that's the mindset in the Rule Breakers camp this week, with the community rallying behind their favorite renewable energy stocks.

Renewable energy and you
I wasn't part of the selection process for the two new picks -- sorry. Even I will have to wait with piqued curiosity. But I have spent some time checking out the posts on the renewable energy board, and I'll share a few of the pitches. Keep in mind that if I should happen to stumble across the two eventual winners, it's strictly a coincidence.

Colodub is a fan of Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ:BLDP). The stock was a high-flying pick a few years ago, when the market first grew enamored with fuel cell technology. With several automakers on board, it seemed that Ballard had a clear path to zero-emission glory. It didn't quite work out that way, but Ballard and its pioneering ways never went away. Colodub appreciates that Ballard is "committed to commercially viable products that make the world a better place. Sort of the Ben and Jerry's of fuel cells?"

Freethinkerkeywest likes Huaneng Power International (NYSE:HNP), even though China's reliance on Huaneng's coal production for energy is obviously not a very clean solution. China's consumption will only continue to grow, as the region's booming economy catches up to the rest of the world. That's going to mean a whole lot more pollution in a country that's already choking on it. But Freethinkerkeywest points out that Huaneng is also at the forefront of cleaner energy. It has partnered to open what it claims will be the world's first zero-emission coal-burning plant, and has announced that it will open the world's first commercial pebble-bed nuclear reactor in four years.

According to bettysbooty, SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR) "claims its solar cells have the highest conversion efficiency available for the mass market." SunPower is still not profitable, though revenues soared 622% to hit $79 million last year.

ApprenticeFool1 votes for Ormat Resources (NYSE:ORA), a force in geothermal and recovered-energy power plants. ApprenticeFool1 notes that the company has 70 technology patents, and likes "the ability of its products to produce energy from biomass, solar, and geothermal energy."

Spectre16 suggested carbon-fiber specialist Zoltek (NASDAQ:ZOLT). "While not a pure alternative energy play, it is nevertheless tethered to energy in a variety of ways," Spectre16 wrote, highlighting the company's role as the leading producer of wind-turbine blades and its deep-sea drilling implications.

RazorHog fancies Medis Technologies (NASDAQ:MDTL), a company that "develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes direct liquid-fuel-cell products to power and charge portable electronic devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and even iPods."

Robear1020 is a fan -- and investor -- in Color Kinetics (NASDAQ:CLRK). The company uses enhanced LED technology to create lighting fixtures that are brighter and often more dazzling. While it's not an area that one may associate with renewable or alternative energy, one can argue that the more efficient use of light will preserve energy in the long run. "They hold dozens of patents on their systems and continue to expand into new areas," Robert explains.

Renewing interest in renewable energy
Those were just seven of the varied subscriber submissions. Several other crafty energy, environmental, and eclectic nominations have been posted over the past four weeks. I'm as intrigued as you might be to see which two companies ultimately won David's nod of approval, but I'm finding that this is a much more diverse niche than I had originally imagined.

It's why I'm wondering whether two renewable energy growth stocks will be enough. The stories in this space just keep getting better.

If you want to check out the two picks that David ultimately settled on -- or just join the vibrant community of investors before David launches another unconventional stock-picking experiment -- consider a subscription to Motley Fool Rule Breakers. If you're still not sure, opt for a free 30-day trial subscription. It will allow you to receive the new issue that will be sent out later today, with ample time over the next few weeks to decide if you, too, are a Rule Breaker at heart.

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