Can anybody out there recommend a good beer to go with a plate of crow? Maybe I didn't make a table-pounding buy call on Genesis Microchip (NASDAQ:GNSS) or mash any cutesy sound-effect buttons, but I did end my last piece on this image-processing chip company by saying: "Still, it's tough to ignore an attractive growth play in a fast-growing consumer market."

Yeah, well, maybe it's tough, but that's still exactly what investors should have done. To add injury to insult, shares of rival Trident Microsystems (NASDAQ:TRID) have been quite strong, up more than 50% in the past half-year alone. Since autopsies can be educational, let's put on some gloves, turn on the recorder, and dig in.

First off, revenue was down 18% on a sequential basis as the company saw weakness in both the TV and monitor segments. On the TV side, results were hurt by lower sales in both Europe (flat TVs) and China (CRTs). Making matters worse, I think what's really happening is that the second- and third-tier vendors that make up some of Genesis' customer base are losing share to the higher-end manufactures supplied by Trident, among others. That lower revenue in turn led to the usual results -- that is, lower margins and lower earnings.

That's all bad enough as it is, but it gets just a little worse, too. The company admitted that it has lost some share at customers LG and Toshiba, and there's just no way that's good news. That's especially true since I don't think new business at Samsung or Sony (NYSE:SNE) is going to fully compensate -- and having management lower guidance for the next quarter doesn't help that thesis any.

So now that I've fired a few slugs into Genesis, what do I think about the stock? Well, it looks cheap -- barring a complete collapse, that is. But cheap doesn't necessarily mean value. And I'm fully willing to acknowledge that my long-held soft spot for this company (I've owned it a few times and made money on each go-around) might be blinding me to its faults. With all of that in mind, I can't really advocate anybody else owning this, unless you want to risk joining me at the all-you-can-eat roast crow buffet again in the future.

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