"Why compare TASER to Ruger and S&W? Because they're the closest things I can find to real companies competing in a market analogous to TASER's."

-- Rich Smith, five minutes ago

Grasping at straws for a relative valuation won't work, Rich. Sturm, Ruger? Smith & Wesson? Call me when stun guns fire bullets.

Till then, I refer you to my opening argument:

  1. Management has been buying shares.
  2. TASER has increasingly inept competition.
  3. Lawsuits are less of a threat today than they were just six months ago.

Here's a look at what has happened since.

Maybe that's not enough for you. If so, I understand. Just remember that you're very much in the majority with your thinking and that, when it comes to stocks, investors rarely make real money by following the crowd. Are you sure you want to tag along this time?

The Duel's not done yet! Go back and read the other arguments, make your own case in Motley Fool CAPS, then vote for the winner.

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