I have never hidden my admiration for Motley Fool Rule Breakers recommendation iRobot (NASDAQ:IRBT). I like the company for a variety of reasons, one of which is elaborated upon here. But beneath that admiration rests a deep-seated belief that the company's technology will continue to get better and that, over time, its various robots will be able to perform increasingly complex tasks.

For a close analogy, consider an article from yesterday's USA TODAY announcing that the U.S. Air Force will begin deploying a new generation of pilotless airplanes over Afghanistan this fall. General Atomics, the manufacturer of the unmanned aerial vehicle known as the Predator -- which, you may recall, played a vital role in hunting down a key al Qaeda leader in the summer of 2006 -- will replace it with a newer version, dubbed the Reaper.

What is so significant about the Reaper is that it can reportedly fly three times as fast as the Predator, carry eight times more weaponry, and stay aloft eight times as long as a manned F-16. That's an extraordinary amount of progress, and it's why one official quoted in the article said, "This is the future."

Now, I'm not implying that the next version of iRobot's PackBot will be three times as fast or have eight times the capability of the present version, but, as General Atomics has demonstrated, it is possible. To this end, it's worth noting that the PackBot is already being armed with stun guns from TASER (NASDAQ:TASR).

My point is that the future, like death and taxes, is unavoidable. So if the Grim Reaper is going to come in the form of unmanned aerial vehicles and robots, you might as well consider profiting from the advances while you can.

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Fool contributor Jack Uldrich hopes that when the Grim Reaper does come to visit him, he'll at least have the courage to do it to his face. Jack owns stock in iRobot. The Fool is dead serious about its disclosure policy.