I am always looking for a good deal, whether that means buying an extra box of Cap'n Crunch when it's on sale or pouncing on undervalued stocks. The idea that anybody would sell a stock for less than it's worth may seem silly, but legendary value investor Ben Graham tells us, by way of allegory, how we can look out for these situations.

In The Intelligent Investor, Graham introduces readers to a wacky guy named Mr. Market. Mr. Market's game is to pay you house calls on a daily basis to offer to sell you interests in businesses he owns or to buy from you interests in businesses you own. Sometimes Mr. Market will show up at your door very excited and offer you premium prices for your holdings, while at other times he'll be inconsolably depressed about the future and will offer to sell you what he has for as low as pennies on the dollar.

So to find some of the stocks that Mr. Market is depressed about, I've turned once again to The Motley Fool's CAPS investor community. Each of the companies below had been given a five-star rating (the highest) by our community of investors just 30 days ago:


30-Day Return

One-Year Return

Current CAPS Rating

Interactive Intelligence (Nasdaq: ININ)








FormFactor (Nasdaq: FORM)




Waters Corp.








Layne Christensen (Nasdaq: LAYN)




Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (NYSE: CBI)




Data from Motley Fool CAPS as of Jan. 29.

As the table shows, these stocks are all still very well-regarded by the CAPS community, despite their underperformance over the past month. While these are not formal recommendations, they could be a great place to kick off further research. I'll even get you started with some thoughts on Chicago Bridge & Iron.

Profiting from energy another way
Among the trends that have been whacking me over the head for the past few years, the screaming energy sector is right at the top. We've seen demand grow quickly while supply remains relatively stable. Heading back to Econ 101, we can conclude that this is why we have seen soaring oil prices.

One obvious way to cash in on this trend has been to snap up shares of major oil companies like Chevron or refiners like Valero (NYSE: VLO). The back door to the energy sector, though, has been just as rewarding in most cases. Chicago Bridge & Iron is exactly one of those back door opportunities. Instead of trying to find oil and gas itself, CB&I focuses on building the structures -- such as hydrocarbon processing plants and pipelines -- that the major oil and gas players require. CB&I's customer list includes the likes of Chevron, Valero, Exxon (NYSE: XOM), CNOOC, and Saudi Aramco.

The company is a strong favorite on CAPS, with 639 outperform ratings far outweighing just nine underperform ratings. CAPS All-Star dlanka sums up the high points of CB&I, noting:

[CB&I has] global exposure, low/no debt, and [it's] providing an essential service: it's no use taking resources out of the ground if you have no place to process or store them.

So do you think the recent drop has created a good buying opportunity? Or is there more downside ahead? Let the community know what you think -- head over to CAPS and share your thoughts with the 83,000-plus players who are part of the community. Even if you'd prefer to pass on CB&I, you can check out a couple of the other stocks listed above or any of the 5,300 stocks that are rated on CAPS.

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