Whatever's going on in the market or at a specific company, there are always reasons to consider buying shares in a business. After all, some of the best opportunities in stocks are born from historically bloody times.

Motley Fool CAPS hosts a boatload of opinions from more than 120,000 members on nearly 5,400 stocks, giving good reasons to own -- or sell -- a stock.

A total of 13,913 members have given a bullish or bearish opinion on search king Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). Scouring the detailed information packed in pitches and other comments on Google, here are three of the top reasons to buy Google today:

1. Increasingly dominant
Google's massive and growing lead in search has it laughing at Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). And smaller contenders aren't getting much traction; Amazon.com's (NASDAQ:AMZN) Alexa Web Search recently bowed out of the race completely. On the visual side of the 'Net, Google's YouTube is also far ahead in the rankings of video-sharing sites.

2. Well-capitalized
Similar to Apple, Google is a cash machine. The company sits on about $12.7 billion, and it generated $1.73 billion in free cash flow in the third quarter. And while the slowing economy brought hard times to eBay's (NASDAQ:EBAY) quarter, Google still grew net income by 26%, as revenue jumped 31%.

3. Oversold
Like Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) and Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE), Google's shares have plummeted in the past year, now selling at a much lower earnings multiple than before. While the softening ad market has prompted analysts to lower earnings estimates, the company is still distancing itself from its closest competitors. Many investors feel it's oversold, and few expect it to stay this cheap for long.

Of course, there's a lot more devilishness in the details of these buy-side opinions. That's why CAPS is such a great resource to check and balance your own analysis, letting you read the bullish and bearish sides to every stock. To see what the very best CAPS members are saying now about Google, just click on over to Motley Fool CAPS and have a look -- it's all free, and your opinion's welcome, too.

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