Universal Display (Nasdaq: PANL) is snuggling up to its friends.

Last November, the OLED technologist opened an office in Seoul, South Korea, mere blocks away from the headquarters of Samsung SDI and LG Display (NYSE: LPL). Those are Universal Display's largest manufacturing partners, by a long shot.

Today, the company announced a new office in the Minato district of Tokyo, Japan. Located near the Imperial Palace, that district is a hotbed of business and diplomacy -- and it's where you'll find the headquarters of some of today's largest display panel builders including Sony (NYSE: SNE) and Toshiba.

Sony's plans for OLED production lines are murky at best, while Toshiba has put a freeze on its OLED ambitions to refocus on LCD panels for the time being. Universal Display wouldn't go to the trouble and expense -- this is a pricey neighborhood, folks! -- to open this new office unless there's business to be done, and easy access to the OLED leader's expertise might be the nudge needed to get things moving.

Even after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March, Japan remains a vibrant and vital part of the global electronics trade. Universal Display just opened a bag full of potential OLED manufacturers, and thanks to high demand but low supply, production capacity is the name of the OLED game. Very smart.                            

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