The previews are over, cell phones have been turned off and the feature film is about to begin. After a horrible start to the year, movie theaters will be hopping for the next three months with a long list of blockbuster films.

Disney (NYSE: DIS) has a lot riding on its summer sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars after Mars Needs Moms left investors disappointed. Cinemark Holdings (NYSE: CNK) and Regal Entertainment (NYSE: RGC) could also use a summer boost with profits on a slight downslide.

But the two companies that may capitalize most from this summer's films are RealD (NYSE: RLD) and IMAX (NYSE: IMAX) who take a slice of every movie ticket sold for their screens. It's a business model that leverages blockbuster films like Avatar or Tron: Legacy, so this summer could be big.

Both companies are hitting 52-week highs almost daily as investors anticipate each movie's premier. Notable movies over the next two months include:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, May 20
  • Super 8, June 10
  • Cars 2, June 24
  • Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, July 1
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, July 15

Super 8 is the only one of those films that won't be shown in both IMAX and RealD formats. Since it isn't a 3-D film, movie patrons will have to choose between IMAX and standard theaters.

As theater networks grow, RealD and IMAX will take a larger and larger piece of the box office pie. If these movies live up to expectations we should see outstanding earnings from both as a result.

The box office in your living room
3-D for the masses may be taking a step closer to becoming a reality. This morning RealD announced it has completed a license agreement with Samsung on a jointly developed 3-D panel. The partnership was initially announced earlier this year and prototypes were revealed at CES in January. 3-D PC monitors will be launched in early 2012 with 55-inch TVs to follow.

RealD's advantage over IMAX is its potential for offering technology in consumer electronics -- and this is a step in that direction. Users won't have to use expensive active 3-D glasses with this technology, and can instead use passive glasses we're used to at the movie theater.

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