Before you buy a product (particularly one that costs thousands of dollars), you should read customer reviews online. So in the spirit of helping you make your decision, we thought we'd share some Motley Fool Pro reviews from a variety of subscribers. Of course, you shouldn't just read our reviews -- just like when you're reading information about a stock, it's always best to consult multiple sources when you're deciding whether to purchase something like Motley Fool Pro.

But with that said, here's how our members use Motley Fool Pro – and why so many satisfied subscribers keep coming back to Jeff Fischer's real-money portfolio service.

Motley Fool Pro Advisor Jeff Fischer

Motley Fool Pro Advisor Jeff Fischer. Image source: The Motley Fool.

Members love Pro's real-money portfolio

Motley Fool Pro is run a bit like a real-life hedge fund. Jeff and team pick stocks and then layer in options trades to hedge risk, gain leverage, or make income for the portfolio.

One of the best things about Pro is that it's a real-money portfolio. That means Jeff and his team have to eat their own cooking and make tough decisions about where to allocate capital given that they have limited resources to invest. That better simulates what the rest of us go through as we seek to grow our portfolios.

Member David M. perhaps summed it up best: "The most valuable concept of Pro for me is that of the balanced portfolio. Prior to Pro I bought what appealed to me without considering what industry the company was in. As a consequence, I was overbalanced with tech stocks and with start-up companies, most of which are still struggling. I had no consumer-oriented stocks. With Pro's balanced portfolio I feel my risks are minimized."

The Pro team aims to achieve 7% annual returns over and above inflation, which requires the team to be tremendously disciplined in making consistent trades to clear that difficult hurdle. Nonetheless, the Pro team has achieved fantastic returns and stability, leading member Scott M. to note that "it's tough to beat the combination of safer asset management and overall returns" that Pro provides.

If you're ready to learn more about Pro and how the team aims to help members minimize their risks and grind out consistent returns, click here.

Reviews of the Motley Fool Pro team and community

Jeff Fischer (and, indeed, the whole Pro team of analysts) is committed to educating investors so they can be smarter with their money. Members have taken notice. Member Kaylee B. put it simply: "I consider Jeff Fischer to be the most valuable part of MF Pro. He really breaks the mold on your typical financial professional. I never feel like he's afraid to dig in and explain what can sometimes be complicated and advanced investing strategies. He also has such a good attitude and is passionate about what he does, which makes me feel the same way."

That love of investing and educating people has filtered out from the team to the broader Pro community – watching the vibrant community on the Pro message boards really gives you a feel for how much passion people have for investing in the stock market the Pro way.

Member John L. told us that "It really seems as though everyone here at Pro is genuinely interested in making us all better investors. Not just the people in charge, but the entire community."

Frankly, the message boards – and the powerful networking, educational, and investing resource the Pro community provides – may be the most undervalued (and also the most potentially valuable) part of Pro.

Perhaps Motley Fool Pro's strongest endorsement

This quote from member Joe M. really knocked our socks off.

"TMF Pro service provided the best of everything TMF has to offer: great investment ideas, specific guidance on when they intend to buy/sell and why, as well as alternative investment suggestions and guidance on using options to leverage your investment or mitigate risk. Not only does it recommend great investment ideas and buy/sell prices, it takes into consideration overall portfolio exposure to each recommendation. That's extremely important in managing your overall investment risk and portfolio balance. If I had only one TMF service in which to subscribe, it would be TMF Pro." [emphasis ours]

We could spend a lot of time trying to summarize this product and all its benefits for you, but we believe that our member testimonials say more with more authority than we ever could.

So there you have it. Motley Fool Pro, as explained by its happy customers. Click here to learn more about this fantastic service and whether you're ready to "go Pro."