It's sometimes hard to put a company in just one box.

For instance, do Lucent's (NYSE:LU) declining revenues make it a short candidate, or does its projected triple-digit profit growth for this year make it a growth investment? Or Ciena (NASDAQ:CIEN): Does its billion-dollar cash pile make it a potential Green Gene, or does its lack of free cash flow make it a short? Krispy Kreme's (NYSE:KKD) stock price has been knocked down so low it might be a good turnaround play. And if it returns to its old growing ways, it might even become a growth company again.

Even a little company such as biomedical products maker Kensey Nash (NASDAQ:KNSY), with a business model so simple that even a Fool can comprehend it, seems to fit easily in any of several boxes. It was tapped as a Motley Fool Stock Advisor selection more than a year ago, but based on its small-cap status and low enterprise value-to-free cash flow-to-growth ratio, the company could just as easily have been selected as a Hidden Gem. Why, with $61 million in net cash nestled deep within its balance sheet, comprising more than 20% of its market cap, the company could almost be a pick for the Fool's latest newsletter for seekers of Inside Value.

Whichever box you put Kensey in, though, it had better be a big one. Because on Tuesday, this small cap reported outsized profits for fiscal 2004. Total revenues increased 31%, composed of a 34% increase in product sales and a 30% rise in royalties (despite a negotiated royalty rate decrease). Earnings per share rose 39% -- although if you back out the effects of a tax credit received last year, that figure would have been 55%.

The company sees growth continuing through 2005, albeit at a slower pace. Kensey predicts revenues in the neighborhood of $71 million (for 22% annual growth) and profits of about $1.20 a share (for 13% annual growth). The reason for the slowdown? While sales are expected to again grow by more than 30%, Kensey expects its higher-margin royalty revenues to remain essentially flat year-on-year.

Wall Street, although initially spooked by the expected downturn in growth, quickly changed its mind on this one and started bidding Kensey's stock up early on Wednesday morning. And I think the Street is calling this one right. No company grows at 30% a year, across the board, forever. The fact that the larger of Kensey's two main revenue streams is continuing to accomplish that feat is plenty of reason to like this company.

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Fool contributor Rich Smith owns no shares in any companies mentioned in this article.