Everybody wants to be in show business these days. And I mean everybody. Don't believe me? Check around your social circle; go ahead, do it. It won't take long to find a dream or two (or 20) lurking within your circumference of friends.

Of course, dreaming isn't enough; neither is talent. Action is wholly necessary to break into one of the most exclusive clubs on the planet. If you want to be an actor, writer, or director, one of the best things you can do concerning such a goal is make your own independent film. Everyone's doing it (once again, look around you).

Sony (NYSE:SNE) has released some new technology to help ride this continually evolving long-term zeitgeist. It's a high-definition handycam termed the HDR-FX1; you can read about its many impressive specifications in the company's release. The bottom line is it's one hell of a consumer-targeted piece of visual recording equipment and, as the release states, can produce quality products akin to what is shot by professional filmmakers.

On an anecdotal basis, I can tell you that more and more people want to shoot their own movies as each day passes by (I'm one of them). In fact, there are more markets and opportunities for aspiring film creators than ever before. Festivals are popping up all over the place, especially at fan conventions celebrating horror and science fiction; cablers such as Viacom's (NYSE:VIA) MTV Networks are in the habit of screening homemade items to one degree or other, and local cable access channels are always stoking the flames of burgeoning creative types. These types need good technologies to set themselves apart from the total amateur; here's where a company such as Sony comes in.

Everyone thinks they have what it takes to be a star in this era of reality TV. As the base of aspiring filmmakers expands, Sony can leverage its brand appeal and win over a lot of buyers (keep in mind the youthful aspect of this section of the culture, and think of the loyalty Sony probably wields just off the love of the PlayStation system alone -- many teenage players who eventually get into the celluloid rat race will definitely consider the electronics icon for their needs).

For an excellent overview of this phenomenon and its potential effect on companies such as Apple Computer (NASDAQ:AAPL), Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE), and Canon (NYSE:CAJ), read Jeremy MacNealy's recent commentary. It is my gut belief that, over time, businesses that cater to this market will be rewarded down the line once the whole pot reaches a critical boiling point; it may take a while, but we should get there. The smarter concerns will take full advantage of the public's desire to break into the biz. In fact, let me throw a suggestion off to the powers that be at Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) -- next time you upgrade Word, include a fully functioning, detailed screenwriting application and market that inclusion; I bet upgrade sales will soar if this angle is exploited to a maximum level.

Fool contributor Steven Mallas owns none of the companies mentioned and is currently shopping his own short scripts around the neighborhood.