You don't want to see me on a skateboard, much less a snowboard. Then again, my closet isn't stocked with Volcom (NASDAQ:VLCM) apparel. Pity, because the company has done well in recent years. Like Jones Soda (NASDAQ:JSDA), it's a company looking to cash in on mainstream appeal but staying true to its edgy roots.

You can find the company's garb in plenty of stores these days. It's not just about winning shelf space in your suburban mall's Zumiez (NASDAQ:ZUMZ) or Pacific Sunwear (NASDAQ:PSUN) anymore.

Volcom has arrived, it's popular, and it's a Motley Fool Hidden Gems recommendation. But will the same qualities that make Volcom's extreme-sports wares appealing to anarchistic youth today backfire on the same fickle tastes tomorrow?

Not all Fools agree. Alyce Lomax thinks Volcom is a keeper. Chuck Saletta chimes in with the bearish argument.

Duel on!

Zumiez is also a Motley Fool Hidden Gems pick.

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