You rarely see a company's performance correlate with its line of business. But for action-sports related retailer Zumiez (NASDAQ:ZUMZ), the two factors couldn't be a more perfect fit. Much like the adventurous teens to whom it caters, Zumiez continues its adrenaline-pumping ride. It recently announced its same-store sales for March, which will likely rocket the stock price to new heights.

For the month, Zumiez increased comps by 17%, easily thrashing estimates calling for 9.8% comps growth. That's a big enough accomplishment all on its own. But when you consider how high the bar was raised after last year's 14.3% gain, you begin to see how strong Zumiez is these days. Overall, sales were up 53.7% to $28.3 million for this fast-growing retailer.

Zumiez is undoubtedly on top of its game right now. With awesome fourth-quarter results and climbing sales, it seems incapable of doing wrong. Unfortunately, that's exactly when it's most prone to taking a fall. Last summer, its earnings doubled, yet its stock price took a dive. However, after that nasty spill, its stock bounced right back up; it's now within reach of its all-time high.

What separates Zumiez from its competitors, including Pacific Sunwear (NASDAQ:PSUN) and Abercrombie & Fitch (NYSE:ANF), is it offers boarders not only clothes, but also a plethora of equipment to go with that attire. The diverse offerings give it a nice competitive advantage that makes it an attractive choice.

Unfortunately, it's already been chosen by many, making its stock far from cheap. As of this writing (before the open), its trailing P/E is more than 55. I'm hoping Zumiez will slow down for a moment to catch its breath. If it does, I'll eagerly jump on board.

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