Jos. A. Bank (NASDAQ:JOSB) and growth investors have been a perfect fit over the past year, with the stock price nearly doubling in that time. In fact, in just the last three months, the stock has jumped more than 46%. A quick look at its latest numbers shows why investors have been so attracted to the company.

For the first quarter, Jos. A. Bank earned $8.4 million, up 42.6% from the first quarter last year. Sales gained 14% to $129.5 million. Comps increased 3.8%, thanks to a 13.5% gain in May, which was primarily attributed to growth in customer traffic. The company reported success in its hot Stay Cool sportswear lineup. Sales were also boosted by its furnishings line, which is the company's designation for its collection of shirts, ties, shoes, and accessories.

It's obvious that Jos. A. Bank has put its scary performance behind it. The company has even managed to trim its inventories, alleviating concerns that it may have been keeping too much merchandise in stores. Unfortunately, investors may have missed out on the chance to get in on this one during its brief slowdown.

Some (myself included) may be concerned that Jos. A. Bank can't possibly maintain its recent level of performance, and, therefore, don't see much value in the stock. In fact, less than two months ago, my Foolish colleague David Meier declared it didn't present the value proposition he desired. With its stock price growing so rapidly since then, it certainly can't be cheap now. Or can it?

You would probably be surprised to learn that, on a trailing P/E basis, Jos. A. Bank is actually a better value than Men's Wearhouse (NYSE:MW). While that one metric on its own can't prove anything, combine it with the company's improved margins, increased cash, and nearly non-existent debt, and you begin to wonder if Jos. A. Bank is actually a growth and value blend.

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