Smith & Wollensky (NASDAQ:SWRG), the quintessential New York steakhouse, has just served up some very unappetizing quarterly results, to say the least. The previously announced sale may just be the recipe shareholders need to make themselves feel better.

Shareholders already benefited from a bidding war when Bunker Hill, a private-equity firm, went up against Landry's Restaurants (NYSE:LNY) for the right to buy out this restaurateur. Bunker Hill prevailed with an all-cash offer of $11.00 per share -- a nice increase over Landry's original $7.50 offer back in January, not to mention Bunker Hill's own $9.25 starting offer. The deal is expected to be completed this quarter.

Given the weak results, it was an opportune time to sell. Pro forma results were breakeven this year -- taking out costs related to the proposed merger and a writedown of renovated restaurant assets -- versus last year's earnings of $0.02, which itself excludes an insurance gain. The weakness is also evident in the 1.5% decrease in comparable restaurant sales.

The buyout deal looks fair to me. It offers investors more than double the stock price at the start of the year. Not bad, considering how this stock languished for years. It never did break above its $8.50 IPO price, which was way back in 2001. Profitability has been elusive, and when it did stop on for a quick bite, it was fleeting. Name recognition and customer traffic never seemed to flow to the bottom line.

Bunker Hill may very well be able to turn around the operation. But it will take time and money. For those still hanging on to the stock, at a price of $10.89, let the arbs have the $0.11. I'd advise moving on to the next table.

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