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Chris Hill: Time to go around the table and talk about the stocks that are on our radar. Tim Hanson, let's start with you.

Tim Hanson: So I think everybody here knows me as sort of a guy who's interested in emerging markets, but a weird thing has happened over the past year. Emerging market stocks have gotten a lot more expensive compared to U.S. stocks, which have actually gotten cheaper over the past year.

So I have recently gone hunting for emerging market exposure via U.S. multi-nationals, and one that popped up on my radar that's pretty interesting is Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT). The reason I say that is because Wal-Mart right now is trading at seven times its operating earnings, which seems low for a company of Wal-Mart's quality, but is in line with the peer group.

That said, Wal-Mart's international sales have doubled over the past five years, and if you look at its competition abroad like Carrefour and WuMart in China and Lien-Hua and the Brazilian big-box retailers and some others, they're trading an average of 12 times operating earnings.

So if you were to take out Wal-Mart's international segment and give it the international peer group average multiple, it looks like the stock should really be worth about 20% to 25% more today.

James Early: Tim, did you say WuMart?

Hanson: WuMart is the original Chinese knock-off of Wal-Mart,

Early: So there's Wal-Mart....

Hanson: ... and there's WuMart, yeah.

Hill: James Early?

Early: Chris, I'm going with Heinz (NYSE: HNZ). This is an Income Investor recommendation from my newsletter. It's at a 4% yield; just delivered a solid quarter and raised its dividend. This was Heinz's 21st consecutive quarter with organic revenue growth. Organic means ex-acquisition -- not like free of pesticides and whatnot.

Seth Jayson: They didn't bid for 3Par, in other words. (laughter)

Early: Exactly. I was in Quebec this past winter with my infant son and all we could find was this Heinz organic baby food. So we bought a ton of it. We got back to the condo and when we tried to feed it to him, he wouldn't eat any of it.  In every single thing, the No. 1 ingredient was tomato puree, tomato puree, so now we know where the residual goes.

Hill: Seth Jayson?

Jayson: I have a stock that both Tim and James will love. And it's Guess? (NYSE: GES). I've talked about it here before. Yeah, you're thinking, "Oooooh, acid-washed jeans from the '80s," but they do a lot more than that. They just turned in record earnings again recently, yet the stock has been clobbered because they lowered their guidance somewhat for the upcoming quarter and the year because of all the discounting at the stores across from them at the mall, so they're having to discount as well.

They're doing a ton of their business -- I believe it's now a majority -- overseas where the brand does very well. It gets higher margins and still has a lot of room for expansion. They also pay a pretty nice little dividend which has kept growing. So that's GES. I own it. We own it at Hidden Gems.

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