You can tell from his opening remarks that my colleague, Rich Smith, is a lawyer by training. Like any good attorney, he chose to focus on a couple of bright spots, while completely ignoring the glaring negatives relating to Mattel's (NYSE:MAT) woeful operating performance. I can only guess at what he might pull out of his bag of tricks for his closing argument.

In his earlier piece, we heard quite a lot about the company's dividend and buybacks and very little about its:

  • Declining margins;
  • Disappointing returns over the last couple of years;
  • Relatively weak five-year annualized growth rates compared with direct competitors such as Hasbro (NYSE:HAS), JAKKS Pacific (NASDAQ:JAKK), RC2 (NASDAQ:RCRC), and LeapFrog Enterprises (NYSE:LF);
  • Unimpressive business strategy that focuses on raising prices and giving Barbie more shelf space.

For Rich, Mattel is apparently all gain and no pain, despite a mountain of evidence that suggests otherwise. With such a cheery outlook, we now know that, despite my earlier skepticism, Rich Smith is Santa Claus. And while there's nothing wrong with a little fantasy at this time of year, it's probably best to rely on reason and solid arguments when buying and selling stocks.

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