Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is set to have a pretty big week -- it will announce earnings after the market closes Tuesday. But for those who just can't wait for more Google news, there's always the announcement that Google Toolbar is getting an upgrade, with new beta versions for both the consumer and corporate markets.

According to a press announcement released by Google, the latest versions of Google Toolbar and Google Toolbar for Enterprise will allow users to personalize searches and share information with friends.

According to Google, the new beta versions will offer customizable buttons, online bookmarks, enhanced search features, new sharing capabilities, and an open API. That sounds like run-of-the-mill corporate press release-speak, but it turns out that there really are some interesting features. "Custom Buttons," for example, will allow users to run searches on any website from the toolbar, which itself will let people sign up for automatic updates for news feeds. The new-and-improved product works with Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Internet Explorer browser.

Google has a lot of clout with investors these days, but some of us may very well wonder whether it's destined to lose its shine, especially given the incredible expectations that investors have for the search giant.

Although it's the top dog in search, it's easy to see that some of its other products haven't really been as earth-shattering as one might have expected. While interesting, Gmail hasn't taken much away from popular Web email applications such as those offered by Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) or Microsoft, for example. Google Talk hasn't yet given Time Warner's (NYSE:TWX) America Online any reason to fear for the future of AIM, its instant-messenger application. And, of course, I recently opined that Google Video wasn't quite ready for prime time yet, either.

Meanwhile, Fools have talked about some of the possibilities for Google in the near future -- could it miss, and could that miss come sooner rather than later? What about the idea -- recently voiced here in the virtual halls of Fooldom -- that while Google has been promising lately, maybe Microsoft has been delivering?

Google's strategy has always been to offer its users an exemplary search experience that not only keeps them loyal but also drives them to spread word-of-mouth goodwill, and the new, upgraded version of Google Toolbar is one more way the company is trying to achieve that goal. And each search-related upgrade or innovation that Google releases gives its users more reason to stay within its own search products, a strategy that aids Google in its quest to retain its huge mob of satisfied Internet users -- as long as they don't mind some relevant advertising, of course.

But while the upgraded application is designed to give Google Toolbar junkies more reasons to stick with that product, Tuesday's earnings release is where the real excitement lies this week for investors. Stay tuned.

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