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Enough top-performing CAPS members have recently turned bullish on Forest Labs (NYSE:FRX) to upgrade it from its long-held four-star rank to the highest possible five stars. A total of 449 members have given their opinion on Forest Labs, with many offering analysis and commentary to explain their recent optimism.

Forest Labs has already picked up a couple of FDA approvals so far this year. With partner Cypress Bioscience, it had the fibromyalgia drug Savella approved in January, to compete with Pfizer's (NYSE:PFE) Lyrica and Eli Lilly's (NYSE:LLY) Cymbalta. Also, its depression treatment Lexapro -- a rival for Pfizer's Zoloft and GlaxoSmithKline's (NYSE:GSK) Paxil -- was recently approved for adolescents, only the second drug to earn that distinction. (Eli Lilly's Prozac is the other one.) Lexapro is already marketed to adults, with annual sales of more than $2 billion.

Like sanofi-aventis (NYSE:SNY) and Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY), Forest faces patent expirations on Lexapro and Namenda in a few years, which could bring generic competition. Companies such as Teva Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:TEVA) have already taken a legal shot at Lexapro. Forest is counting on Savella and other new drugs to help replace that revenue, and its management sees potential in the drugmaker's late-stage pipeline. It also has plenty of resources to help stave off an impending revenue drop, with more than $2 billion in cash and short-term investments and no debt at the end of 2008. And with solid free cash flow continually adding to the pile, many investors see plenty of options available for the drugmaker.

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